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Brand Stories: lululemon x bagp


Brought to you by lululemon X BAGP.

Our goals become a reality when we first allow ourselves permission to dream. Dreams turn to goals, bridging the gap between our realms of imagination and reality.  So dreaming, setting goals, is one of the most important things to do for anyone who wishes to accomplish anything in this life.

So what do we do? We SET HUMONGOUS GOALS. And we strive to include as many people as possible in our pursuit of achieving them. This past weekend we had the pleasure of doing just that. In collaboration with lululemon and CRUSH WALLS, we created an experience for our community, one that prompts not only physical well-being but also a positive friendly reminder of the most basic concept: BE A GOOD PERSON.

In our first official collaboration with lululemon, we had the opportunity to paint the basketball court at Curtis Park. Hosted in one of the most historic neighborhoods of Denver, this park and court are a staple to the community of Five Points and we are honored to have been given the opportunity to add to it. With the help of local artists Thomas Evans, aka Detour, (@detour303) and Kirileigh Jones (@kirileigh7) and a little out of town reinforcement from Justin Spire (@ju555t), our goal of adding something vibrant, positive and maintainable to the community was set in motion.

The “new” basketball court sports flowing energetic colors, lululemon’s sweaty pursuit recognized logo and our favorite message to spread. The focus was to relate athletics to the real world, finding a link between setting goals and conquering the everyday adversity that each of us may face. Artist Detour approaches his art in a manner that accentuates the issues surrounding urban culture, shaping his creation of concepts to something that matched perfectly with our aspiration and theme of setting humungous goals.

In addition to painting the court, we hosted a small group of college bound athletes with mentor and trainers Jian Pablico (@jianpablico) and Jordan Bernstine (@jbernstine) for a sweat session on the new court. These youth training sessions served as yet another reminder for us that we get out of the community what we put into it. For this very reason we strive to bring a smile to those around us, through art, athletics and the aspiration to dream and achieve big.

During this collaboration in particular, bringing smiles to faces had a deeper meaning for us. We had the chance to raise money for Marlee’s Smile Foundation. With the help of Fitness in the City (@fitnessinthecity) and meditation expert Tyrone Beverly (@imuniqueunited), we were able to host yet another group workout session with proceeds benefitting Marlee’s Smile (@marleessmile). This foundation holds a spot near and dear to our hearts, continuing the legacy of Marlee Pack who lived for four years with rhabdomyosarcoma. Marlee left us at the tender age of 12, but her mission to brings bears and smiles to as many kids battling cancer as possible lives on, and we smile every day for and with her. 

We find inspiration in all things around us, and we attempt to share that with as many people as possible. Through a smile; through a simple reminder. We invite you to join us on this journey of positivity and dreaming. Set your goals. We’ll be here supporting you as you achieve them. See you on the court!

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