Brand Stories: Make-A-Wish 2019

  • by Julian Donaldson

Dear Chad, 💭
We are beyond grateful that we got to design a shirt for 5,500+ people to wear, resonate with and unite with during YOUR @wishcolorado week. This year we did our best to make you feel like a professional wrestler & the expressions on your face made it all worth it. One pro wrestling match, 500 glow sticks, 30lbs of confetti, CO2 jets, and a full blown EDM production in the middle of a high school gym at 10:30am... does it get any cooler than that?!

From the moment we saw your picture we knew you were a warrior, but we didn’t understand how truly strong and resilient you are.

☑️ One very, very tenacious warrior.
☑️ 25 future wishes granted, including Chad’s.
☑️ $191,466 raised in a week.
☑️ Over $575,000+ raised over 4 years.

Chad, you are an inspiration. 💖

Thank you to everyone who contributed and made this event as special as it deserved to be.


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