Meet The Team

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Drick Bernstine


Drick Bernstine is a self-driven, highly motivated individual who thrives on managing multiple challenging tasks simultaneously. As the CEO of BAGP, Drick skillfully steers the company towards achieving a variety of goals and dreams that serve a larger purpose. His dynamic personality enables him to excel in networking across various social settings, bringing visionary ideas to life. Drick is committed to inspiring BAGP employees to make a positive impact everywhere they go, recognizing the profound influence they can have on those around them.

Trevor Obering

Director of Operations

Meet Trevor, our fun loving, fashion forward, Director of Operations! We often refer to him as our “Swiss army knife” because he’s always ready to jump in and help out where he is needed! In his free time, you may find him walking one, or all three, of his french bulldogs. Trevor is born and raised in Denver, and has a passion for any and everything outdoors. He is a driven individual who is constantly challenging himself whether it be with a marathon, or learning something new!

Kim Weber

Director of Marketing

Meet Kim Weber, our Marketing Director at Be a Good Person! With a zest for life and a passion for health and wellness, Kim brings a fresh perspective to our team. In her free time she loves cooking up deliciously, healthy meals or breaking a sweat at the gym with friends. Kim is not just about healthy living; she's also a social butterfly who thrives on building meaningful relationships. With her expertise in events and social marketing, she's the driving force behind our engaging campaigns and community initiatives. 

Hannah Carlson

Director of Fullfilment, Customer Service, and E-Commerce

Hannah's journey with Be a Good Person began when she was just 17 and has been with the company for five years, on and off. Having attended Grand Canyon University in Phoenix for track and field, she later returned to Colorado. Transitioning from retail to managing our Customer Service and Fulfillment departments, Hannah has shown persistent dedication to quality and efficiency. Her dynamic background and easy-going, energetic personality make her adept at overcoming challenges and leading our team with grace and determination.

Mahesh Patel

HQ Operations and Wholesale Manager

Mahesh is the Wholesale Manager and Inventory Manager at BE A GOOD PERSON. He is honored to work at this vibrant apparel company that champions a message of positivity. Born in India and raised in Denver, Mahesh blends the best of both cultures, continuously seeking opportunities for change and improvement. His favorite BE A GOOD PERSON shirts are the Colfax tee and the Trippy Tee, with music being a driving force in his life. If you are interested in selling BE A GOOD PERSON merchandise in your store or wish to produce co-branded products, feel free to reach out to him!

Cory Todd

ADS Manager

Meet Cory Todd, a Colorado native with a passion for adventure and entrepreneurship. He excels in data analytics, design, and operating heavy machinery, and has successfully launched multiple businesses. Cory loves traveling, surfing, skiing, and staying active outdoors. Fun fact: unlike Trevor, Cory has actually completed a marathon. Whether in the boardroom or on the slopes, Cory brings enthusiasm and expertise to everything he does.