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Optimizing the Future for Our Youth - Stedman Elementary X BAGP & Intuit

The future of our world rests upon our youth. It is up to us as a community to make sure they have the resources to create that future and be the change in the world we all so desire to see.

Our youth is faced with an uncertainty like never before, brought into a turbulent world created by the generations past. It is up to us now, to equip our youth for their future, as it will also impact ours. Giving kids the proper opportunity to pursue their dreams, and supporting them in those endeavors is a simple notion sometimes overlooked.

Together with Quickbooks by Inuit, we are able to donate a Stedman X BAGP shirt, notebook, standard pencil, multi-colored pen, and pack of colored pencils to every student at Stedman Elementary in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver.

 Decked out in their school colors and sporting our signature message, we asked the kids what it meant to them to “Be A Good Person.” Each and every one of them had a beautiful and unique answer, all centered around similar ideas. Acceptance and appreciation.

 The next generation is one of kindness, inclusion and unity. Today’s youth are in a unique position, growing up to so connected to the digital world; and yet the ease of access and overload of information has impacted them in ways older generations could learn from. Kids today are our future tomorrow, and the more we prepare our youth and equip them with everything they need, all our futures look a little bit brighter.

Along with every notebook and writing utensil kit, Quickbooks and Inuit also will be donating funds to have a brand-new rock-climbing wall installed in Stedman Elementary School’s gym. The mental and physical wellbeing of youth go hand in hand. By nurturing the academic and the physical sides of young students, we hope to have a positive impact on both.

Days like today recenter us, remind us why we started, and give us so much hope for our youth and community. To see more of our past events and collaborations, check here.

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