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Brand Stories: Retail Grand Opening

We worked for months to make this event & retail space a possibility and we couldn't be anymore proud of how far it's truly come. We are thankful for your patience during this process, but most importantly your unconditional love and support.

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 over 700 people attended throughout the day. It was by far one of the most special times we've had as an overall team. Having a permanent residence to call home is a truly unbelievable feeling. 

Countless hours of laughs, arguments and nights of limited sleep can't define the amount of work we have done in the past two years. On the contrary we realize that this brand has grown much bigger than any of us and we are beyond thankful to be a part of an amazing and diverse community. 

There is so much unrecognized talent in this world. It is truly up to each one of us to lift each other up and keep each other in check. The world depends on it!!

Thank you to everyone who came out for our birthday celebration & retail grand opening!!!

Shop hours: Wednesday - Sunday // 11AM-7PM+
Shop location: 2830 Larimer St. Denver CO


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