Kenyan Nchengo Coffee + Gifts

by Be a good person

$ 15.00

Kenyan Nchengo Coffee

Coffee beans Imported to Denver, CO and roasted locally.
A portion of the profits of this coffee go to the Women Microfinance Initiative: Empowering women across East Africa to improve their lives with business training, support groups and small business loans through village loan programs.

Administered by local women, the Women Microfinance Initiative has helped over 12,000 women and issued $4.5 million in loans.

BAGP x Kirileigh7 Wooden Serving board

Produced in Denver in conjunction with the MileHigh Workshop
Hand drawn artwork detailed in laser etching by the talented Kirileigh Jones 

These traditional serving boards have a curved and rounded handle integrated in a board with arced sides, rounded ends, and rounded edges. These are made from a single piece of solid wood and are approximately 3/4” thick. Typical sizes are 7”+ wide x 17”+ long x 3/4” thick. 

All cutting boards are made in two different wood species. They are Cherry, and Ambrosia Maple. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes; and all cutting and serving boards are finished with 100% food grade Mineral Oil only. All of our cutting boards are suitable for either cutting on or as serving platters for Charcuterie. If cutting flip to the opposite side of board laying the laser etched graphic flat for best preservation.

Who is the MileHigh Workshop?


Our mission is to create employment opportunities and provide job training for members of our community seeking to rebuild from addictions, homelessness, and incarceration. 


We envision a more prosperous city where barriers to employment are eliminated and every member of the community is empowered with dignity through meaningful work.