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By checking the box on the official entry page you hereby consent to, affirm, and agree to be bound by the foregoing Talent Release and that I am eighteen years of age or older and (in the case that the subject of the Submission is under the age of 18), I am the parent or legal guardian of the subject of the Submission and am authorized to agree to these terms of submission on the subjects behalf.

By submission of your sticker design, you give and grant to BE A GOOD PERSON, its affiliates, subsidiaries, consultants, successors, assigns, designees and licensees ("BAGP"), the right to use, publish and copyright your story submission, name, picture, portrait, likeness, characteristics, signature or facsimile thereof, and biographical materials (the “Submission) as embodied in materials associated with BAGP’s products, marketing, advertising, sales or promotional efforts (the “Materials”) in all forms of media now known or hereafter created, including without limitation, video, television, print, billboards, point-of-purchase materials, corporate communications, internal and external marketing pieces, and Internet in any and all territories throughout the world.
Additionally, you agree to the following:
  • You are the legal owner of all rights in the materials (editorial and photographic) contained in your Submission and have the right to assign such materials to BAGP and that such materials do not infringe upon or violate the intellectual property rights of any other person or entity.
  • No further consideration of any kind will be paid to you in connection with the Submission or BAGP's use thereof.
  • BAGP will have the right to use, sell, edit, change, add to, delete from, arrange, revise, promote, reproduce and distribute the Submission, in whole or in part, and separately or in connection with Submissions furnished or created by others.
  • You acknowledge that the Submission is a "works made for hire" as defined by the copyright laws of the United States. BAGP is and will remain the owner of the submission and of all copyrights, trademarks, and other rights relating thereto. Nothing herein will constitute any obligation on BAGP to make any use of any of the rights set forth herein.
  • You agree that no use of the Submission will constitute defamation against you or an invasion of your privacy or publicity rights or any other rights I may have in or relating to the Submission.
  • No further materials need to be submitted to you for approval.
  • You hereby release BAGP from any and all claims, liabilities, responsibilities, or damages arising from the use of the Submission.


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